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Wednesday’s front pages: Taxed to the limit


motorists.jpgThe ever increasing tax burden and Gordon Brown’s woes dominate the front pages today.

The Daily Telegraph reports research has shown that the average motorist is paying more than £600 a year extra in tax under Labour. Story here

The tax burden also makes front page news in the Daily Express which says Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been warned that he must stop tax rises or face defeat in the next election. Story here

The Daily Mail says price rises mean families have less to spend than for 17 years. Story here

Tuesday’s front pages


mailfrontpagemay5.JPGThe destruction and loss of life caused by the cyclone in Burma features on many of the broadsheet front pages, while Chelsea’s win, which keeps the title race going until the final day of the football season, is promoted in all the papers.

DAILY MAIL: Abortion: Fight to Save 2,500 Babies Every Year

MPs will begin a fight to cut the number of abortions by limiting a woman’s right to have a termination for social reasons, from the current 24 weeks to 20, the paper says. Story here