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Church of England to wash some Bible imagery from baptism rite

February 10, 2011

baptism 1

(Sistine Chapel fresco The Baptism of Christ c. 1482 by Pietro Perugino)

The Church of England has voted to use more accessible language during baptisms to help it connect better with congregations, especially non church-goers.  Members attending the Church's General Synod, or parliament, in London, agreed that the Liturgical Commission should provide supplementary material to help prevent the eyes of  worshippers "glazing over" during important parts of the service.

Is Clegg right to offer flexible parental leave?

January 17, 2011
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg wants to give parents the right to share and swap their statutory leave for looking after newborn babies and children. That’s good news for parents, although the new arrangements have to be knocked into shape after consultation with employers and won’t come into force until 2015. Clegg said in a speech on Monday to the Demos think tank that increasing flexibility over parental leave was a priority for him and for the Prime Minister David Cameron. Both have young families and like most fathers these days have taken time out from work following their new arrivals. At present mothers get up to a year’s statutory leave, while fathers only qualify for two weeks. Clegg wants to change that so that parents can divide up this time off as it suits them, even taking the leave at the same time if that is what they want. Unions say the proposals are long overdue, but employers are less keen. The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) said Clegg’s plan might be politically popular but it “fundamentally ignores the needs of business.” “How is an employer expected to plan and arrange cover with this fully-flexible system,” asked BCC director general David Frost. Have employers got a valid point? Or is it time for business to do more to ensure children see the most of both their parents in their earliest months. Tell us what you think.

BRITAIN/Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg wants to give parents the right to share and swap their statutory leave for looking after newborn babies.

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Pope apologizes for “unspeakable crimes” of sexual abuse

September 18, 2010

papal flag (Photo: Girl waves papal flag before a Mass with Pope Benedict in London September 18, 2010/Kevin Coombs)

Pope Benedict apologized to victims of sexual abuse on Saturday, saying pedophile priests had brought "shame and humiliation" on him and the entire Roman Catholic Church. It was the 83-year-old pontiff's latest attempt to come to grips with the scandal that has rocked the 1.1 billion-member Church, particularly in Europe and the United States.

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Excerpts from Pope Benedict’s speech to Catholic pupils in London

September 17, 2010

pope pupils (Photo: Pope Benedict meets school children in London September 17, 2010/Steve Parsons)

Pope Benedict urged Catholic schoolchildren in London on Friday to strive to become saints and to aim for more than just just money or fame.

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London protesters accuse pope of hypocrisy over sex abuse – report and photos

September 17, 2010

protest 2 (Photo: Protest as Pope Benedict XVI arrives by car at St Mary's University College in London September 17, 2010/Peter Macdiarmid)

Pope Benedict reminded his Church on Friday that its first priority was to provide a safe environment for children as the pontiff was met by the first substantial protest of his delicate visit to Britain.  Several hundred people whistled and shouted "Pope must resign" and "shame" as the papal motorcade entered a Catholic school complex in Twickenham, southwest London.

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Excerpts from pope’s London speech to Catholic teachers

September 17, 2010

twickenham 2 (Photo: Nuns waiting for Pope Benedict at a Catholic school in London, 17 Sept 2010/Kevin Coombs)

Visiting a Catholic school in London on Friday, Pope Benedict said teachers should give their pupils not only marketable skills but also wisdom, which he said was inseparable from knowledge of God. Catholic schools and Catholic religious teachers play an important part in transmitting this wisdom, he said. He also stressed the need to protect pupils from sexual predators.

Are children really becoming “animals?”

November 17, 2008

The charity Barnardo’s has released a poll showing over half the country thinks children are beginning to behave like animals.

Should parents be allowed to smack?

October 8, 2008

mumtoddler0401kierandoherty.jpgShould parents be allowed to smack their children, or should smacking be treated the same as an assault?

End of the road for violent games?

April 29, 2008

grand-theft-auto-iv.jpg“We make games for the people that play them. We don’t make them for the Daily Mail.”

Are children safe on the Internet?

April 2, 2008

facebook.jpgOfcom says millions of children who use social networking sites are exposing themselves to potential danger by leaving their privacy settings on “open,” thereby allowing all and sundry to peruse their personal details.