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Sorry Darling, Davos is for Mandy


If there were any questions over who is number two in British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s cabinet, Davos might have helped clear them up.

While Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling is giving the annual gathering of global big wigs a miss, business minister Lord Peter Mandelson has found the time to go.

For years Mandelson and Brown weren’t talking, now Mandelson is once again at the heart of everything the Labour Party is plotting.

Darling has been the steady rock always at Gordon’s side during the credit crunch, often taking the flak from the media for the government’s handling of the crisis.

Has Brown lost the Spring in his step?


Is the Labour Party going to regret not hosting a Spring Party Conference this year?

Yes, it is going to save them a lot of cash, and Prime Minister Gordon Brown has enough to worry about ahead of the G20 financial crisis summit in Britain in April.