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Should stiletto heels be banned in the workplace?


heelsA call by the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists asking employers to work with unions to conduct risk assessments and if necessary allow workers to replace high heels with comfortable shoes in the workplace created a controversy this week.******Unions passed a motion at the Trades Union Congress conference demanding that women have the right to comfortable footwear in the workplace.******Defenders of the stiletto claimed that unions were attempting to ban the shoes in the workplace, but the podiatrists defended their position, stating that high heels can cause such foot problems as blisters, corns, calluses, damaged joints, knee and back pain.******Some women argue that stiletto heels give them a power advantage in male-dominated workplaces because the shoes make them appear taller and enhance their sex appeal.******Others consider the shoes demeaning and symbolic of the sexist subjugation of women and their health to satisfy male whims and fantasies.******What do you think? Should stilettos be banned in the workplace?

Maternity leave – has it reached the tipping point?


maternity1.jpgThe Equalities and Human Rights Commission says the extension of maternity leave to 12 months for each child age could be working against women, rather than for them, because employers are thinking twice before hiring or promoting them.

Concerns were reinforced earlier this year, when businessman Alan Sugar was reported as saying many employers discarded CVs of women of child-bearing age.