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Cutting back on household bills


The energy regulator has said that it is considering a ban on unjustified price differences in the energy market to address concerns that customers are being charged differing amounts according to their payment methods.

Ofgem also said that it was planning measures that will improve customer service, including simplified information about tariffs to help people decide whether they need to switch supplier.

All of which could lead to cheaper bills for energy customers. But until this happens, there are a number of simple steps you can take to reduce your household bills.

The website, which has only just launched this week, will help you to cut down on your phone bill. The site is a free telephone directory that provides alternative numbers for companies at a standard rate instead of the usual premium rate numbers.

Are you feeling the pinch?


pounds-in-hand.jpgAnnual inflation has hit 3.3 percent, its highest level since the Bank of England was given control of interest rates 11 years ago.

But for many their personal inflation rate will be much higher, depending on where they live, and how much of their income is devoted to basics like food and energy costs.