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UK minister in a spin over climate change doubters


As a top-flight racing driver, Britain’s Science Minister Paul Drayson may seem an unlikely critic of the auto industry.

The self-confessed “car nut” owns a motor racing team and competes in a 200mph Aston Martin in competitions around the world.

 But at a news conference in London, he attacked the “significant minority” of auto industry executives who he claims still deny the evidence for climate change.

 ”It shocked me that those views were held by senior managers,” he said. “I have been actually quite surprised…(by) how many of them just do not accept the scientific evidence around climate change. It really shocked me.”

Decision time at Heathrow


The government has approved the third Heathrow runway, in the interests of jobs and British competitiveness.

The third runway — something airport operator BAA pledged it would not seek if it was granted permission to build Terminal 5 — will open up a sharp political divide, with several Labour MPs, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats opposed to the idea.

Plane stupid?


Environmental protest group Plane Stupid manage to prevent at least 21 flights taking off when  they  invaded a runway at Stansted airport for five hours on Monday morning.

The group are protesting over the government’s decision to allow the expansion of Stansted Airport with a second runway. The protest also follows the decision last week by Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon to delay the decision on whether to build a third  runway at Heathrow until January.

Climate change: the vision thing


pollution.jpgLeaders of the G8 and the world’s developing nations have agreed a “shared vision” on fighting climate change — but long-standing differences have prevented them agreeing on any specific targets.

The G8 on its own favours a halving of harmful emissions by 2050 but industrialising nations like China and India will not sign up to that goal, arguing that their primary commitment is to improve the living standards of their people.

Iron Chancellor to leaden Prime Minister


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brownjune.jpgOne of Gordon Brown’s favourite speech writers is leaving Number 10 to return to the Treasury. That gives Brown the perfect opportunity to draft in someone who has the ability to coin the kind of phrases that chime with the electorate and stick in people’s minds.

To date, that is something Brown, whose dismal year in office was underlined on Friday with a humiliating fifth place by-election finish for Labour, has signally failed to do. Sure, Brown wanted to move away from the accusations of endless spin that soured the public mood towards his slick predecessor Tony Blair.

Ramsay’s latest rant. A hot topic or just hot air?


gordonramsay.jpgChef Gordon Ramsay is never shy of courting controversy and he is back in the headlines again calling for restaurants to be fined if they sell out-of-season vegetables or fruit.

You could forgive the public for being confused when it comes to knowing where to eat, where to shop and what to buy.