Decision time at Heathrow

January 12, 2009

The government has approved the third Heathrow runway, in the interests of jobs and British competitiveness.

Plane stupid?

December 8, 2008

Environmental protest group Plane Stupid manage to prevent at least 21 flights taking off when  they  invaded a runway at Stansted airport for five hours on Monday morning.

Climate change: the vision thing

July 9, 2008

pollution.jpgLeaders of the G8 and the world’s developing nations have agreed a “shared vision” on fighting climate change — but long-standing differences have prevented them agreeing on any specific targets.

Iron Chancellor to leaden Prime Minister

June 27, 2008

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brownjune.jpgOne of Gordon Brown’s favourite speech writers is leaving Number 10 to return to the Treasury. That gives Brown the perfect opportunity to draft in someone who has the ability to coin the kind of phrases that chime with the electorate and stick in people’s minds.

Ramsay’s latest rant. A hot topic or just hot air?

May 9, 2008

gordonramsay.jpgChef Gordon Ramsay is never shy of courting controversy and he is back in the headlines again calling for restaurants to be fined if they sell out-of-season vegetables or fruit.