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Live webstream: watch the Extel Survey Awards


The Extel Survey Awards 2009 are taking place today in Guildhall, London. The survey, which has taken place every year since 1974, captures the views of all sides of the investment community on their counterparts and produces rankings for brokers, quoted companies and individuals.

A record 261,000 votes have been received this year, with around 1,500 fund management firms, 172 brokerage houses and 400 quoted companies taking part.

Why does the survey matter? Fundamentally, it tells us what fund managers think of brokers and the latter get an analysis of the service and value they are providing to their clients. The prospects of analysts across Europe can improve or suffer as a result of how well they do.

There are 13 awards to be presented to brokers, fund managers and companies, including best firm, best hedge fund, leading individual analyst and the key award for equity research house.