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Doctor? Nurse? We’d rather be socialites, say today’s youngsters


pararazzi1.jpgNo longer do little boys and girls dream of being doctors, nurses, firefighters and solicitors — commendable jobs that command a steady income and offer a career for life. These days, it seems, being famous is far more desirable.

The most desired careers among young people include being a musician, famous singer or band member, working in the media, and being a “celebrity or socialite”, according to research by Alliance & Leicester. Its poll of 1,077 people aged 16 to 21 showed that 25 percent want to be a famous musician, 24 percent desire a job in the media and 14 percent want to be famous for, well, being famous. Being a fashion designer (13 percent) or a teacher/ lecturer (13 percent) completes the top five most popular careers.

In contrast, just 8 percent fancy nursing and 5 percent want to be a vet, as today’s generation of young people move away from careers that involve years of study and are designed to last a lifetime to those where fame and fortune are achievable in the blink of an eye.

This desire for fame — and the apparent ability to rake it in for doing nothing other than being a well-known face — is a sad reflection of today’s society, and is epitomised by this year’s bunch of Big Brother housemates. When the show started nine years ago, it was billed as an experiment in psychology and sociology. Now, it is little more than a platform for wannabe pop stars and TV presenters.