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Will you miss the British Cadbury?


CadburyWhat will become of the Curly Wurly?

After an interminably long stand-off, U.S. food giant Kraft has agreed a deal to buy British confectioner Cadbury for 11.9 billion pounds.

While the announcement that an agreement had finally been reached hardly came as a surprise, it has provoked an outpouring of consternation and sentimental musing on message boards and social media sites like

A fourth generation member of Cadbury’s founding family, Felicity Loudon, expressed dismay that the iconic sweet maker, with brands such as Flake, Twirl and Wispa, should sell out to a “plastic cheese company” and some members of the general public have expressed similar concerns.

@CharmedLassie, writing on Twitter, said: “If there’s any chance we can stop Cadbury being taken over by Kraft we should take it. This is another sad step out of the UK.” Another user, @ClareCarney wrote: “No! It’s the end of an era!”