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Will Murray success at Wimbledon be RBS’s best return?

Royal Bank of Scotland is not best known for backing winners.


So the Scottish bank must be savouring Andy Murray's run at the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

World number three Murray is one of the "sports personalities of present and past" sponsored by RBS during the heady days of Sir Fred Goodwin.

Murray must count as one of Sir Fred's more inspired investments. Murray's play has literally gone from strength to strength -- all the time with the RBS logo emblazoned on his shirt sleeve.

Stephen Hester, Goodwin's successor as chief executive of RBS, must be hoping Murray maintains his winning streak and goes all the way to the Wimbledon men's final.

Is RBS chief Stephen Hester worth £9.6m?


As chief executive for a company that is 70 percent owned by the government, a 9.6 million pounds pay package is quite a tidy sum.

It is a package that makes Royal Bank of Scotland chief executive Stephen Hester almost as well as paid as the Real Madrid-bound Cristiano Ronaldo.

Could Goodwin learn from Profumo?


Treasury Minister Paul Myners was fulminating against Sir Fred Goodwin’s 700,000-pound pension in parliament this week when he made an intriguing suggestion.

“I still hope there’s the opportunity for Sir Fred to do the right thing and either return some of his pension or make a very substantial and long-term commitment to charity both of money and of his undoubted energy and resources,” he told a committee.

Nationalisation: an act of mercy for RBS?


Royal Bank of Scotland’s controversial former Chief  Executive Fred Goodwin once memorably referred to the  consolidation of smaller British lenders as “mercy killings.”

Goodwin was speaking in 2001, when he could still bask in the glory of RBS’ audacious acquisition of larger rival NatWest the previous year, a deal that set the standard by which all banking takeovers were judged.

What should be done about ex-RBS chief’s pension pot?


Former Royal Bank of Scotland Chief Executive Fred Goodwin is not having a good year.

Earlier this month he was hauled before parliament to explain his part in how RBS, the company he led for nine years, came close to the brink of collapse.