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Tuesday’s front pages


mailfrontpagemay5.JPGThe destruction and loss of life caused by the cyclone in Burma features on many of the broadsheet front pages, while Chelsea’s win, which keeps the title race going until the final day of the football season, is promoted in all the papers.

DAILY MAIL: Abortion: Fight to Save 2,500 Babies Every Year

MPs will begin a fight to cut the number of abortions by limiting a woman’s right to have a termination for social reasons, from the current 24 weeks to 20, the paper says. Story here

DAILY MIRROR: Boy from the Cellar

The paper features a picture of one of the children born in the cellar in Austria where his mother was kept captive for 24 years. Alex was one of three who was brought up in the family home upstairs. Story here

DAILY EXPRESS: Secret 25 percent Pay Rise for MPs

The paper says politicians are secretly plotting to award themselves a pay rise of up to 14,000 pounds a year, taking their salaries to more than 75,000 pounds. Story here

Monday’s front pages


indy1.JPGThe proposed rubbish bin tax has been shelved as part of a package of ideas planned by the under pressure Labour leader in his fight back following last week’s local election drubbing, some of Monday’s headlines revealed, while the continued troubles of ex-footballer Paul Gascoigne features in the tabloids.

THE INDEPENDENT: Gordon Brown: Why I should Stay in my Job

A contrite appeal by the prime minister is juxtaposed with a picture of London’s new mayor Boris Johnson donning a policeman’s hat. Story here