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Oil prices – fuelling more problems for Labour?


fuel.jpgRoads into London and Cardiff are expected to be jammed with lorry convoys as part of a protest at the soaring cost of fuel.

Average prices have risen during the past month by their highest margin this century to 114.2 pence per litre of petrol and 126.7 pence per litre of diesel, the AA says.

In January, the national average petrol price was 104.3 pence per litre and diesel was 109.2 pence per litre.

The rise has mirrored the cost of oil as it recently breached $130 a barrel.

The government has staved off one planned increase in fuel duty, but a 2 pence rise is scheduled to go ahead in the autumn, affecting all motorists.

A good budget?


darlin2.jpgThe headlines say it was a budget that hit drinkers, smokers and gas-guzzlers.

Chancellor Alistair Darling hiked up the usual “sin taxes” in his first budget.

But he also postponed a 2p rise in fuel taxes until October.

He also made a bid for the green vote with a call for a new road pricing scheme and for retailers to charge customers for plastic bags.