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Brown’s Scotland likely to be hit worst in recession


The Labour Party may have won the Glenrothes by-election this week, partly on the back of the Prime Minister’s handling of the financial crisis, but Gordon Brown’s Scotland is predicted to suffer more than the rest of Britain during the economic downturn.

Scotland was named European Region of the Future for the second time in four years by the Financial Times’ fDi (foreign direct investment) magazine this year.

But figures show its growth is likely to lag behind the rest of the UK during the oncoming recession.

According to the Scottish Item Club’s 2008 Economic Prospects report, the Scottish economy is estimated to have grown 1.8 percent in 2008, 0.3 percent less than the UK’s rate. By 2009, this gap will have worsened to 0.6 percent. 

Sarah Brown comes out from the shadows


They all agreed. “She was lovely.”

Sarah Brown finally stepped out from the shadow of her husband, Gordon, and appeared on the campaign trail.

While the prime minister was dashing around the world as a global economic statesman, saving the financial system, Sarah was helping save her husband’s political reputation on home soil.

Glenrothes: It was Brown wot won it?


Newspapers are crediting Gordon Brown with Labour’s surprise win in the Glenrothes by-election and says it has ended any talk of a cabinet coup.

They say his gamble to break with the convention that a prime minister does not campaign in by-election polls succeeded. Brown visited the seat twice, while his wife Sarah was on the local trail at least half a dozen times.