Sympathy and silence for Brown in Afghanistan

August 21, 2008

karzai.jpgGordon Brown’s brief visit to Afghanistan brought sympathy for his political plight from President Hamid Karzai but his attempts to evoke the Olympic spirit with British troops drew a decidedly cool response from the ranks.

Would a new leader brighten Labour’s chances?

August 1, 2008

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 A Daily Telegraph poll coming on the heels of all the speculation about David Miliband’s leadership intentions suggests that even if Labour did ditch Gordon Brown, they would still be thrashed in the next general election.

Does Glasgow spell the end of Gordon Brown?

July 25, 2008

gordon.jpgGordon Brown has woken to some unhappy headlines during his year as prime minister but the verdicts on newspaper websites following Labour’s shock defeat in the Glasgow East by-election were probably the worst he has faced.

Brown outdone by Obama effect

July 21, 2008

brown.jpg Gordon Brown has not had the best of luck since replacing Tony Blair as British prime minister a year ago. Now it seems Brown’s bad luck has followed him overseas.

Glasgow dire for Labour – but not Crewe

July 18, 2008

glasgowcampaign.jpgGlasgow East has a very different feel to Crewe as it gears up for Thursday’s by-election.

Equitable Life: another nail in the coffin for retirement savings?

July 17, 2008

Nine years after the near collapse of Equitable Life, pensioners and savers are still unsure if they see any compensation despite the long-awaited report by the parliamentary ombudsman, described by commentators as a “damning indictment of UK financial regulation.”

Was the Davis by-election a gimmick?

July 11, 2008

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Food for thought

July 7, 2008

food1.jpgGordon Brown is asking us to stop wasting so much food and suggests that if we threw less away, demand would fall and then so too would food prices.

Iron Chancellor to leaden Prime Minister

June 27, 2008

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brownjune.jpgOne of Gordon Brown’s favourite speech writers is leaving Number 10 to return to the Treasury. That gives Brown the perfect opportunity to draft in someone who has the ability to coin the kind of phrases that chime with the electorate and stick in people’s minds.