What now for Britain’s “special relationship” with Washington?

June 16, 2008


“He might not  have been the easiest of allies, but an ally he has been.”

That’s the verdict of the Daily Telegraph in an editorial to mark President George W. Bush’s farewell tour of Europe.

Reaction to Brown’s 42-day detention vote victory

June 12, 2008

armedpolicemanlondon-tobymelville.jpg Gordon Brown may have won the 42-day detention vote, but the victory was “hollow”, “shameful” or “tactical”, depending on which newspaper you read. 

A policeman’s lot

May 21, 2008

police.jpgA policeman’s lot is not a happy one, sing the officers in Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The Pirates of Penzance”.

Media’s views on the abortion vote

May 20, 2008

embryo1.jpgAs MPs prepare to vote on cutting the time limit for abortions, the Daily Mail says the current system “shames our nation”.

Is hybrid embryo research “monstrous?”

May 19, 2008

embryo.jpgThe Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill which MPs are debating today and on Tuesday allows the creation of four types of human-animal hybrid embryos for the purposes of research, including Cytoplasmic hybrids, created by transferring the nucleus of a human cell into an empty animal cell.

MPs and the “John Lewis” list

May 16, 2008

bigben2.jpgHow much should MPs be allowed to keep confidential?

The High Court has ruled that Members of Parliament must disclose details of expenses claimed for second homes and the location of those properties.

Brown: asset or liability? Candidate would rather not say

May 14, 2008

gbrown22.jpgThe Labour Party knew Tony Blair had to go when he became an electoral liability.

Candid Balls ramps up Labour row

May 12, 2008

balls1.jpgEd Balls had intended, by briefing political journalists on Monday, to take the media focus off personality and put it back on policy. Instead, he turned up the heat on an internal row with a bit of character assassination of his own.

Should cannabis be back in Class B?

May 7, 2008

cannabis1.jpgThe government has decided to tighten the law on cannabis, reinstating it to a Class B drug, because of fears over the high-strength skunk variety now prevalent on the streets.