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from Reuters Soccer Blog:

An Englishman abroad? Rooney might not have fitted the bill

SOCCER-CHAMPIONS/So Wayne Rooney says he would only have left Manchester United to go abroad. Could the fact that foreign suitors seemed shy to express any interest have anything to do with his sudden U-turn to stay at the Premier League club?

Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho was right in his prediction that Rooney would stay after all. He told United to "give me call" if the striker's departure was on the cards but never went further than that.

Given the impressive way the Portuguese has got Real playing this term (ignoring those ridiculous yellow cards), it was always diffcult to see how Rooney would have fitted in.

Sure, they only have Gonzalo Higuain and Karim Benzema for the main striker role but two players for each position used to be enough didn't it? I'm also not convinced with Rooney upfront on his own, he likes to drop too deep at times as he has shown with England while last season with United he was never isolated in attack as he could have been elsewhere.