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Steve Tappin on what makes a CEO tick


Being a CEO should be one of the best jobs in the world, argue the authors of a new book.

"It offers the chance to make a real difference," Steve Tappin and Andrew Cave write in The New Secrets of CEOs: 200 Global Chief Executives on Leading.

"However, real life for most CEOs is tough and many are not enjoying it."

The authors interviewed 200 CEOs for the book, which includes profiles of such leaders as Tesco's Terry Leahy , Avon's Andrea Jung, Xstrata's Mick Davis, Kraft's Irene Rosenfeld, Haier's Zhang Ruimin and Cisco's John Chambers.

CEOs are divided into five "distinct categories" characterised by similar leadership styles.

Will you miss the British Cadbury?


CadburyWhat will become of the Curly Wurly?

After an interminably long stand-off, U.S. food giant Kraft has agreed a deal to buy British confectioner Cadbury for 11.9 billion pounds.

While the announcement that an agreement had finally been reached hardly came as a surprise, it has provoked an outpouring of consternation and sentimental musing on message boards and social media sites like