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from Newsmaker:

Thomson Reuters Newsmaker with Sebastian Coe and Hugh Robertson

To mark the one year countdown to the London Olympics, Thomson Reuters held a Newsmaker event on July 21 with four-time Olympic medalist and chairman of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, Sebastian Coe and Minister for Sport and the Olympics, Hugh Robertson MP. Below are highlights from the evening.

Legacy of 2012 includes economic dividend: Robertson

Transport system ready for 2012 demands: Coe

Olympic ticket sell-out is coup for London: Coe

Stadium dispute threatens future Athletics bid: Robertson

Testing crucial during Olympic countdown: Coe

UK on top of Olympic security threat: Robertson

Coe welcomes "Blade Runner" Pistorius to London 2012

Thomson Reuters Newsmaker with Sebastian Coe and Hugh Robertson

from Newsmaker:

Tick, tick, tickets – defusing an Olympic PR bomb

-Adrian Warner is BBC London's Olympics Correspondent. The opinions expressed are his own.-

The morning after his surprise 800 metres defeat by Steve Ovett at the 1980 Moscow Olympics,  Seb Coe was sitting in his bed in the Olympic village when former decathlete and close friend Daley Thompson stormed into the room. Thompson went straight to the curtains and opened them up.

from Left field:

West Ham given Olympic stadium nod but can soccer co-exist with track and field?

OLYMPICS-LONDON/STADIUMSo now we know: Premier League soccer club West Ham United will take over the Olympic Stadium in London following the 2012 Games, assuming there are no late objections from the British government or the city's mayor.

The decision will be greeted with relief by many fans of the rival bidders Tottenham Hotspur for one simple reason -- soccer does not generally co-exist very well with athletics.

from The Great Debate UK:

London 2012 – a chance to nurture strong female role models

tessa-- Tessa Jowell is Britain's Minister for the Olympics and London and has held a variety of senior government posts. She has direct responsibility for delivery of the government's Olympic programme. Jowell has been a member of parliament for the Labour Party since 1992. The views expressed are her own. --

In 1896 a Greek woman called Stamata Revithi decided to run the inaugural modern day Olympic Marathon in Greece. Arriving in the Village of Marathon she was told by officials that she was not allowed to compete in the race the next day as the entry deadline had expired.

London 2012: Shopping for success


The frame of the 2012 Olympic main stadium stands out from among the piles of mud.

The skeletal metal structure, which will hold up the roof, rises above the construction site, three years ahead of the Games.

So how are the Olympics going for you?



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Into the vaccuum of hard news leap the Olympics, with wall-to-wall coverage from Beijing of the last summer games before they come to Britain.

Some people love it of course, and could probably have told you what the world 100 metres men’s record was or how many times Mark Spitz won gold in the pool even before the avalanche of previews began.

An Olympian task trying to please the hacks


stadium.jpgAfter the controversy surrounding the London 2012 Olympic logo, reporters wondered just how wacky the design for the main stadium would be.

The jigsaw-like logo, which is supposed to resemble the date of the Games, was criticised for being too abstract, while its animated flashing version was said to pose a health hazard.