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How bad is the “Tube”?

tubeNews that London Underground suffers from terrible problems with overcrowding probably not really going to surprise many commuters.

From unbearable heat or the sweaty odours emanating from fellow passengers during the summer months, to being unceremoniously poked with umbrellas in the winter, travellers on the Tube are used to uncomfortable journeys.

A survey by the London Assembly’s Transport Committee found 80 percent of people had suffered from overcrowding, to such an extent that many had to psyche themselves up before setting off.

Transport for London say it is spending billions as part of the biggest upgrade of the system in decades which will mean better stations, more trains and faster journeys. But there is a cost, as lines are regularly closed to allow the improvement works to take place causing problems which the committee says other European cities such as Madrid manage to avoid.

Philosophy on the London underground


Silence is golden, but not if you travel on the Piccadilly Line of the London Underground.

Tube drivers are being encouraged to read the words of great thinkers instead of the usual pre-recorded announcements.

There is no substitute for me, says Boris


boris.jpgThe resignation of another key aide to Mayor Boris Johnson has sparked renewed questions over the Mayor of London’s leadership, with opposition leaders at City Hall charging that the “wheels are coming off” his new administration.

Tim Parker , the First Deputy Mayor and Chairman of Transport for London (TfL), has stepped down from both jobs, saying it was inappropriate for him to hold them as an unelected official. His resignation is the third of a key aide in the four months of Johnson’s mayorship.

Banning booze from the tube


tube1.jpgMayor Boris Johnson’s ban on drinking alcohol on the London underground starts on Sunday.The news hasn’t gone down well in some quarters and plenty of groups on Facebook have said they will be holding protest wakes.

Others believe the ban will have little effect on threatening behaviour on the tube anyway — most people who cause problems are drunk anyway and only a few are actually carrying cans with them, they say.