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London 2012 finds a personality

main stadium

main stadium

I went to the London 2012 Olympic Park on Monday, and was impressed.

With three years still to go, I really got a feel for the “compactness and intimacy” organisers had promised when cynics last summer had asked “How can you possibly follow Beijing?’

That extravaganza had seemed impossible to compete with. Remember the Cube and the Birds Nest?

London did not seem to have anything to match. In fact, when the design for the main stadium was unveiled, about two years ago, I remember there was palpable disappointment among attending reporters.

Even when I was told the mound of mud I was standing on was to be the 100-metre starting line, it was hard to find a response.

London 2012: Shopping for success


The frame of the 2012 Olympic main stadium stands out from among the piles of mud.

The skeletal metal structure, which will hold up the roof, rises above the construction site, three years ahead of the Games.

An Olympian task trying to please the hacks


stadium.jpgAfter the controversy surrounding the London 2012 Olympic logo, reporters wondered just how wacky the design for the main stadium would be.

The jigsaw-like logo, which is supposed to resemble the date of the Games, was criticised for being too abstract, while its animated flashing version was said to pose a health hazard.