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Is Vegemite better than Marmite?


vegemite.jpgAustralian athletes have asked the Chinese authorities to allow them permits so they can take, what some might say, is their secret weapon for success at this year’s summer Oympics – Vegemite.

With just under 100 days to go until the August games, a directive that the Australian Olympic team must source all food supplies within China has been dubbed the “vegemite ban” by local media.

This little issue got me thinking — is Australia’s national spread, a dark, savory paste made from yeast extract, that good that we need it to help our athletes with Olympic Gold? Would the British government ask for a similar directive for the English equivalent, Marmite?

As the resident antipodean in the London office, I thought such a directive from the Australian Olympic Commitee was right. But my arguments however, that Vegemite was light years ahead of Marmite was met with howls of protest. My Pom mates also disagreed with my thoughts on their sacred spread.