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Lib Dems bag a Tory – Edward McMillan-Scott



David Cameron’s troublesome Euro MP Edward McMillan-Scott is a Conservative no more and has joined the Liberal Democrats. There is no love lost between the independent-minded Macmillan-Scott and the Tories after they expelled him for defying the party over their (anti-)European policy.

He came to the Liberal Democrat’s Spring Conference in Birmingham on Saturday (March 13) and was more than happy to be pictured alongside his new leader, Nick Clegg.

In this video clip he tells Reuters why he decided to make the move.

“The question is where are the Tories going on Europe,” he says. “There are some nice people in the Conservative party, but, frankly, (Conservative) Central Office is a different thing altogether. There are some quite nasty people there doing nasty things.”

[The photo above shows McMillan-Scott meeting Clegg in Birmingham at the Liberal Democrat conference on March 13, 2010. Picture by Tim Castle]

UK MPs’ expenses: who’s next?


The scandal engulfing British members of parliament over their often startling expenses claims has started to bring down some prominent victims: the speaker of the House of Commons, two Labour Party MPs and four from the Conservatives at time of writing.

The Daily Telegraph, which obtained a disk containing unexpurgated details of claims for moat dredging, floating duck houses, plasma screen televisions and reimbursement for mortgages long paid off, is now on Day 19 of its unremittingly lurid revelations.