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Thinking outside the budget-shaped box


- Dave Coplin is national technology editor at Microsoft UK. The opinions expressed are his own.-

The emergency budget was announced recently as a means to tackle the country’s deficit and Britain's current economic situation.

But embracing a new approach to the way we run public- and private-sector organisations will be needed in order to stay competitive in the current market and help to redefine the fundamentals of business in this new environment.

Although Chancellor George Osborne’s budget has been deemed by a few as a “credible plan” for the future of public finances, and is an important step on the long journey back to economic health, we must remember that the economy is still fragile.

What’s your gadget of the year?


nokia-phone.jpg******For those immune to the charms of the latest gadgets, they are expensive, infuriating and fragile devices that are destined to be lost or stolen or end up languishing in the back of a drawer.******But for gadget-lovers there is nothing better than getting their hands on a covetable new toy that promises to make life easier or more fun.******Readers of Stuff magazine, who are more likely to fall into the second category, are voting for their favourite gadget of the last 12 months.******Here’s the shortlist: Apple’s iPhone, Sony’s PlayStation 3, Nintendo’s Wii Fit, Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Asus Eee PC and the B&W Zeppelin.******Nominees in the other categories include the BlackBerry Bold, Nokia N96, Creative Zen X-Fi and TomTom GO 730.******Do you constantly upgrade your mobile/iPod/television in a quest for the latest features? Or are you quite happy still using your basic phone and full-size TV?******What was your favourite gadget of the last year and why do you love it so much?*******Click here for full story*

Will you switch to Google’s shiny new browser?


google-china.jpg The first reviews of Google’s new web browser, Chrome, praise its sleek looks and superfast downloads, but can’t agree on whether it is good enough to persuade people to switch from Explorer or Firefox.

Mike Harvey, of the Times, gives it three out of five stars and says it should spark a “browser war” on the Internet.