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UKIP plots poll breakthrough at conference


ukipAfter last year’s unprecedented success in European elections, which saw Labour beaten into third place, it isn’t really a surprise that the United Independence Party faithful were in a buoyant mood at their spring conference.

Certainly the location was unlikely to be the cause — the Jury’s Inn hotel in Milton Keynes is probably unlikely to excite many people – but among the 500-odd prospective candidates and activists there was a palpable belief their party could be about to make a breakthrough in parliamentary elections and win their first seat in Westminster.

Nigel Farage, the outspoken, colourful MEP and former leader, remains the party’s darling and cheerleader.

Like a well-known celebrity performing at a pantomime, he had his captivated audience booing the name of John Bercow (the parliamentary speaker whose Buckingham seat he is hoping to take in the election) and laughing heartily as he appealed for people “preferably with clean criminal records and of sound mind” to put themselves forward as party candidates.