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Must we see rape in Britain to understand rape in Congo?

I was left somewhat traumatised after going to see a screening of a controversial new Hollywood-backed short released this week, aimed at highlighting the link between minerals mined for British mobile phones and the use of rape and murder as weapons of war in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The highly graphic campaign video - appropriately called Unwatchable - starts with a little English girl picking flowers in the garden of her family’s multi-million pound mansion in a picturesque Cotswolds village.

This tranquil scene is shattered in an instant when armed men descend on the house, gang-rape her sister on the kitchen table and then murder her parents. It ends five minutes later with the girl running for her life.

“We placed it in a sort of cliché idyllic countryside, and tracing it back to mobile phones would make it relevant to people on the street,” Marc Hawker of production company DarkFibre told AlertNet.

Ryanair launches inflight mobile phone service


Ryanair has become the latest airline to make it possible for passengers to use  their own mobile phones to make calls in the air. 

They will be charged international roaming rates with the tariffs set by their mobile providers.

“Terminator” town zaps the mobile – a bunch of Luddites?


phone.jpgThe Austrian city of Graz has become the first to ban the use of mobile phones on public transport.

The mayor of the country’s second-largest city, Siegfried Nagl, has had it with the “I’m on the train” stuff and now demands mobiles be switched to silent, although it is not immediately clear how transgressors will be punished.