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In Britain – 7 days in 7 pictures


Wednesday: A homeless man sits outside the entrance to Green Park Tube Station in central London on Christmas Eve, while a man and a woman kiss goodbye after a shopping trip. There was yet more evidence this week that the world’s economies are limping into the new year,  with Britain contracting more sharply than first thought and further signs that the U.S. economy is in a sharp decline. REUTERS/Andrew Parson

Tuesday: A homeless man has his hair cut at the charity Crisis UK temporary day centre for the homeless at a school in London. Crisis UK opens its doors to the homeless over the festive period from 23 until 30 December. A survey for Crisis suggests nearly one in 10 people are struggling to keep up with rent or mortgage payments, and the charity fears there will be a surge in homelessness in 2009. REUTERS/Luke McGregor

Monday: A framed portrait of Oscar Wilde is seen with a lot label as it sits amongst other photographs at London’s Cafe Royal. Lots from the historic establishment that is due to be redeveloped into a luxury hotel will be auctioned on January 20, 2009. REUTERS/Andrew Winning

Sunday: Mourners stand together during the Lockerbie air disaster twentieth anniversary service in the memorial garden at Dryfesdale cemetery.  Sunday marked the twentieth anniversary of the bombing over Lockerbie of a Pan Am jumbo jet flying from London to New York that killed 270 people. REUTERS/David Moir