The reform that breaks the camel’s back?

March 10, 2011

Trade union leaders have been warning for some time now that it would be pensions reform — not pay freezes or job cuts — that could prove the trigger for widespread public sector strikes this year.

Raising the pension age

By Reuters Staff
October 6, 2009

BRITAIN/The Conservatives say they plan to raise the retirement age for men to 66 from 65 by 2016 if they win power, a measure that could raise 13 billion pounds to help plug the huge shortfall in the public finances.

Equitable Life: another nail in the coffin for retirement savings?

July 17, 2008

Nine years after the near collapse of Equitable Life, pensioners and savers are still unsure if they see any compensation despite the long-awaited report by the parliamentary ombudsman, described by commentators as a “damning indictment of UK financial regulation.”

Think pensions to get one up on Chancellor

June 16, 2008

darlingblog1.jpgTax: it’s all getting a bit of a drag. The number of people paying the highest level of income tax has almost doubled since Labour came to power, according to recent statistics.

Why life doesn’t begin at 40…

June 12, 2008

pensioners.jpgThink you’ve got plenty of time to save for retirement, boost your bank balance or achieve the level of wealth you’ve always aspired to? Think again.

Level the playing field to bring back ‘girl power’

May 20, 2008

sex-and-city.jpgWhatever happened to “girl power”? The phrase became a cultural phenomenon after the formation of the Spice Girls pop band in 1994, and was adopted as the mantra for millions of girls, even making it into the Oxford English Dictionary.

Long life? It could be seriously bad for your wealth

April 16, 2008

pensioners.jpgLong life: it might be seen as a blessing, but increasing longevity poses one of the biggest risks to our financial wellbeing.

The pensions runaway train gathers speed

March 14, 2008

Few people are more on the pensions money than Scottish Life’s Steve Bee. And he has some strong views in his latest “BeeHive” post following publication of our exclusive story on the soaring costs of setting up “personal accounts” — the government’s brainchild aimed at solving a looming pensions crisis.

Consumers go it alone as storm clouds gather

March 13, 2008

storms21.jpgThe dust has settled on Alistair Darling’s first Budget and consumers have been given little reason for celebration. The Chancellor, though announcing various measures designed to increase housing affordability, has done nothing to help the masses.