from The Great Debate UK:

Don’t cry for me RBS

June 14, 2013

"Don't cry for me, RBS" could certainly be the lament being sung by Stephen Hester, outgoing CEO of bailed out Royal Bank of Scotland, after the shock announcement that he will have left the bank by the end of this year. CEOs of banks come and go; however, the government stake in RBS makes this CEO particularly important.
There are two things that make Hester’s departure fascinating: firstly, the fact that the RBS board along with the Treasury have concentrated on how a new leader is needed to privatise the bank. Secondly, the fact that Hester doesn’t seem to want to go.

Privatising Royal Mail

February 24, 2009

The government is trying to defuse anger over its plans to part-privatise Royal Mail. Postal workers are protesting in Westminster after it was announced that 30 percent of the company is to be sold off. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Gordon Brown faces a large backbench rebellion as 145 MPs – more than a fifth of all members of the House of Commons – sign a motion rejecting the move.