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from Reuters Soccer Blog:

Hodgson calls for fan support as decisions loom for Henry

SOCCER-ENGLAND/When New England Sports Ventures finally bought Liverpool in October new owner John W Henry did not have to wait long to understand the enormity of the challenge he faces to turn around the fortunes of England’s most successful club.

Just days after the deal was clinched and a wave of optimism swept through Anfield, Liverpool’s inadequacies on the pitch were laid bare in a 2-0 defeat at Merseyside rivals Everton.

More than two months later manager Roy Hodgson, recruited by the former regime, has managed no semblance of an improvement on the pitch and his call for the Anfield faithful to show his team their "famous support" is likely to be seen as a backhanded compliment at best. 

So as the transfer window starts to creak open, the so far quiet Henry will find himself in the spotlight with some important decisions to make.

from Reuters Soccer Blog:

Liverpool have been here before, and a sacking may not be the answer


"For 25 years Liverpool were Britain's most successful and consistent football club. For four of those years we were also the most successful club in Europe. No one has an automatic right to success but you can be sure we will all be doing everything in our power to achieve those levels again. We owe that both to our own supporters and our own history."

The above quotation* is from the statement released by then Liverpool chairman David Moores following the resignation of Graeme Souness in January, 1994 after an embarrassing defeat to a second division club in a third round FA Cup replay.