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Score predictions come out of the freezer

BRITAIN/Last week's snow-show in all but three of the games means there's been very little movement on the scores front, at least here at Reuters Soccer Blog Towers.

Premier League grounds may be as sludgy as Dutch pea soup  but at least they're fit for purpose once more and as long as the thaw continues we should get a full programme again this weekend. About time too. Here are the weekend's games:

 Stoke City v Liverpool
 Chelsea v Sunderland
 Manchester United v Burnley
 Portsmouth v Birmingham City
 Tottenham Hotspur v Hull City
 Wolverhampton Wanderers v Wigan Athletic
 Everton v Manchester City
    Playing on Sunday
 Aston Villa v West Ham United
 Blackburn Rovers v Fulham
 Bolton Wanderers v Arsenal

Remember, it's five points for getting the score spot on; or one point if you get the right result but the wrong scoreline. The beauty is that with bonus points available for style, plus double points for new starters for the first month, you can catch us up very quickly. Honestly, turns out we're rubbish at this...