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Best of Britain – the week in pictures


Here is our weekly selection of the best pictures taken by our photographers in Britain, chosen by our visuals editors.

A placard lies in the mud after a demonstration outside the Staythorpe power station, central England, January 19, 2009. Union members protested at the site of the new power station over claims overseas workers were being hired instead of UK staff.  Some commentators said unemployment could rise to three million before there is a recovery. REUTERS/Darren Staples

A mother and child walk across washed up timber on a beach in Ramsgate January 22, 2009. 1500 tonnes of timber were shed by Russian ship the Sinegorsk during bad weather on January 19 off the British coast. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor

A fitness instructor does some squat exercises for photographers using a human weight at a Gymbox gym in London January 21, 2009. The gym is trying to add human interest to otherwise dreary workouts by replacing traditional dumbbell weights with human ones.The Gymbox chain gym in central London says fitness enthusiasts can now swap their usual lumps of metal for human beings in a range of shapes and sizes.  REUTERS/Stephen Hird