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from Reuters Soccer Blog:

Arsenal can do it this time says Nasri


Confident talk from Arsenal playmaker Samir Nasri in a piece by Mike Collett today, looking ahead to the second leg of the Gunners Champions League clash with Barcelona in the Nou Camp:

"We approached the game differently this year. Last year we were a little scared of Barcelona because they are fantastic and play amazing football and we were surprised how good they were.

"This year we said, 'Look, they are fantastic and if we lose to them it will be normal because they are the best team in the world.' So there was no pressure on us and we played our normal game and showed everyone we can beat them and be at their level.

"We are more macho, physically and psychologically, Some of us, like Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere, even myself, we have all stepped up. "We are stronger. All of our players can compete with all of theirs.