The long and the short of it

September 9, 2009

sarkozyThe Mexicans have an apt rhyme for it: “Para ser presidente, hay que paracer presidente” —  to be a president you have to look like a president.

Should the burkha be banned in Britain?

June 24, 2009

In the wake of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s support for the burkha to be banned in France, several commentators have called for the all-enveloping gown to be outlawed in Britain too.

Vive the entente — until July

March 27, 2008

anglo1.jpgCommentators are revelling in President Nicolas Sarkozy’s effusive praise of Britain and drooling over the fashion sense of his wife but several see stormier waters ahead — specifically in the second half of the year from July when France takes over the presidency of the European Union.

Vive la difference?

March 26, 2008

eiffel1.jpgThe entente hasn’t been quite so cordiale for some time, judging by a ragbag of pointers in the newspapers over recent weeks.