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Only paying teachers more will raise Britain to the top of the class

By Guest Contributor
December 4, 2013

--Vikas Pota is chief executive of the Varkey GEMS Foundation. The opinions expressed are his own.--

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Excerpts from Pope Benedict’s speech to Catholic pupils in London

By Reuters Staff
September 17, 2010

pope pupils (Photo: Pope Benedict meets school children in London September 17, 2010/Steve Parsons)

Pope Benedict urged Catholic schoolchildren in London on Friday to strive to become saints and to aim for more than just just money or fame.

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London protesters accuse pope of hypocrisy over sex abuse – report and photos

September 17, 2010

protest 2 (Photo: Protest as Pope Benedict XVI arrives by car at St Mary's University College in London September 17, 2010/Peter Macdiarmid)

Pope Benedict reminded his Church on Friday that its first priority was to provide a safe environment for children as the pontiff was met by the first substantial protest of his delicate visit to Britain.  Several hundred people whistled and shouted "Pope must resign" and "shame" as the papal motorcade entered a Catholic school complex in Twickenham, southwest London.

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Excerpts from pope’s London speech to Catholic teachers

By Reuters Staff
September 17, 2010

twickenham 2 (Photo: Nuns waiting for Pope Benedict at a Catholic school in London, 17 Sept 2010/Kevin Coombs)

Visiting a Catholic school in London on Friday, Pope Benedict said teachers should give their pupils not only marketable skills but also wisdom, which he said was inseparable from knowledge of God. Catholic schools and Catholic religious teachers play an important part in transmitting this wisdom, he said. He also stressed the need to protect pupils from sexual predators.

Prosecuting school queue-jumpers

July 3, 2009

How big a crime is lying to try and get your child into a good school?

Plenty of parents have tried it by falsely claiming they live in the school’s catchment area or by suddenly getting religion but the worst that happens up till now is that they get found out and their child is turned away.

School Sports Day — and the mother of all challenges

May 14, 2008

sample.jpg“Come on!” the man yells through the megaphone. “Your children need to see you taking part. They need to see you running”.

Recruiting for the army in schools?

March 25, 2008

army1.jpgA motion at the National Union of Teachers annual conference wants a campaign to stop all military “recruitment” in schools. It says the Ministry of Defence is luring youngsters, often from deprived areas, into the armed forces.

Are the kids too hung up on fame?

March 14, 2008

Once, kids had to work hard to become famous.

Whatever their chosen route, it would usually involve endless hours of practice — be it in the gym, on the pitch, at the keyboard or on the stage.