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Max Mosley’s “hanky spanky”: titillation or public interest?


mosley2.jpgMotor racing chief Max Mosley has won his privacy case against the News of the World, after a High Court judge backed his claim that the paper had no right to print details of his sado-masochistic orgies.

The News of the World had reported that Mosley, President of Formula One’s governing body and son of Britain’s 1930s fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosley, had taken part in a “sick Nazi orgy”.

But the judge backed Mosley’s claim that this was untrue and so reporting on the sex sessions was not justified.

The paper’s lawyers had argued the orgies were not just “hanky spanky” and its editor Colin Myler said he believed the story was of legitimate public interest.

Did the FIA get it right over Mosley?


mosley.jpgMax Mosley has avoided getting the sack as head of motor racing’s governing body, the FIA, by what many observers thought was a wider than expected margin — 103 votes to 55.

But such is the level of unease amongst some nations about the lurid sex revelations involving him that talk of a split or a breakaway body is growing by the day.