Porn to politics – Lib Dems get really liberal

March 14, 2010


Anna Arrowsmith, 38, has directed 300 porn movies for women under the pseudonym Anna Span to counterbalance the overwhelming male dominance of the adult film industry.

Max Mosley’s “hanky spanky”: titillation or public interest?

July 24, 2008

mosley2.jpgMotor racing chief Max Mosley has won his privacy case against the News of the World, after a High Court judge backed his claim that the paper had no right to print details of his sado-masochistic orgies.

Max Mosley’s “unfortunate interest”

July 8, 2008

Max MosleyFIA motorsport head Max Mosley is suing the News of the World in the wake of its revelations that he held sado-masochistic spanking sessions with prostitutes.

Let’s talk about debts, baby

March 19, 2008

Money matters are climbing the list of the talks parents feel they must have with their children: the subjects of debt and saving for the future are now deemed to be more important than educating our offspring on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), racism or religion, research by Engage Mutual Assurance shows.