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Parliament set to make another costly mistake?


Parliament’s election of a new Speaker is supposed to solve a lot of the woes it has brought upon itself by the expenses scandal. But it won’t, newspaper editorials predict.

The House of Commons needs to appoint somebody who can restore the integrity of the chamber and public trust after many MPs were found to be claiming for lavish and sometimes inappropriate expenses.

Instead Westminster in its search for a replacement for Michael Martin has resorted to old fashioned “unparalleled cynicism” and “horse trading”, the papers say.

The media’s favoured choice, former Conservative minister Ann Widdecombe, looks set to be overlooked to preserve vested interests, they believe.

Speaker election gets X-Factor makeover


The winds of change are sweeping through a dusty Houses of Parliament as the race to succeed the Speaker of the House of Commons Michael Martin hots up.

With MPs trying to get their house in order as the expenses scandal rumbles on, the election procedure for the new Speaker has had a makeover, with election hustings to take place for the first time.

Speaker Martin: scapegoat or villain?


Michael Martin, Speaker of the House of Commons, is under pressure like never before and news reports say he might even announce his departure on Tuesday afternoon.

The chief officer and highest authority of the House has become a lightning rod for the strong current of anger swirling around Westminster as the row over MPs’ expenses rumbles on.