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Will there ever be the “right type of snow” in Britain?


The last time round when there was such widespread travel chaos in Britain due to snow was quite some time ago….it was in 1991 – the year the “wrong type of snow” was born – British Rail’s ill-conceived attempt to explain why the railways had come to a virtual standstill after heavy snowfall.

The “wrong type” of just about anything has since been used to explain why the country’s creaking transport system is grinding to a halt ….remember the one about the “wrong type of leaves” on the tracks?

OK, before you read on I should declare that I’m not British and hail from a country that usually copes with bad weather a lot better than Britain.

But I’ve been here long enough – 20 years to be precise – to think when I heard on the radio in the morning that no London busses were running at all – that didn’t even happen during the Blitz, apparently – …”oh well, it must be bad then … better log on from home”. And so did thousands of employees, many of them actively encouraged by their employers not to travel to work unless it was “critical”.