from The Great Debate UK:

Rory Cellan-Jones on virtual democracy

March 17, 2010

Direct, real-time communication among politicians and the public through social media platforms is reshaping democracy and the news media, but questions remain about how the fabric of society might change as a result, argued a panel at an event hosted by the BBC on Tuesday evening at Westminster.

Which dead celebrity would you tweet?

October 29, 2009

FILM-BUZZ/An online Twitter seance kicks off in London on Friday, October 30, the day before Halloween, in an attempt to communicate with the spirits of dead celebrities.

from Reuters Soccer Blog:

Twitter might not be harmless fun for players

August 6, 2009

The days when the details of transfer negotiations were closely guarded secrets could be coming to an end with the advent of the 'Twitter transfer'.

from Mark Jones:

Towards the web 2.0 interview

July 16, 2009

On Monday, Reuters arranged for UK Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg to be interviewed live by the social web.