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Media scrum finds a new prey – the Lib Dems


When was the last time a media scrum chased the Liberal Democrats down Whitehall?

At the conclusion of talks on Sunday at the Cabinet Office between the Conservatives and the perennially third-placed party,Β  the Lib Dem negotiating team walked the short distance past the Cenotaph to the back of Portcullis House, part of the parliament buildings.

A pack of cameramen and photographers, walking backwards and hoping to avoid tripping over, surrounded Danny Alexander, Chris Huhne and David Laws as they made their way down the street.

You can get a flavour of the melee in this video clip I took as the press pack rushed past.

Lib Dems bag a Tory – Edward McMillan-Scott



David Cameron’s troublesome Euro MP Edward McMillan-Scott is a Conservative no more and has joined the Liberal Democrats. There is no love lost between the independent-minded Macmillan-Scott and the Tories after they expelled him for defying the party over their (anti-)European policy.

He came to the Liberal Democrat’s Spring Conference in Birmingham on Saturday (March 13) and was more than happy to be pictured alongside his new leader, Nick Clegg.

from MacroScope:

Instant View Video: Rebalancing global trade

Reuters correspondent Sumeet Desai talks about the G20 draft communique and what it means for rebalancing the world's economy.

from The Great Debate UK:

iPod Nano redesign challenges Flip

nano- Will Findlater is deputy editor of Stuff magazine. The opinions expressed are his own. -

Apple’s "It’s Only Rock and Roll" launch held a few surprises. Most were expecting major updates to the whole line of iPods, but it was only really the iPod Nano that got a thorough going-over.

Ken dismisses negative poll


livingstone.jpgKen Livingstone talks to Tim Castle about standing for a third term as Mayor of London.

He dismisses a recent YouGov poll that shows him trailing Conservative rival Boris Johnson and says his rival candidates are all “Ken Lites” who have moved their policies closer to his.

Paddick: “Not being a politician is an advantage”

Brian PaddickBrian Paddick talks to Tim Castle about his autobiography and his candidacy for the mayoral election in London.

He says not being a politician is a “distinct advantage” when running against Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson.