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Best friends in the whole world, at least for now


Prime Minister David Cameron has spent the last few days playing down expectations of just how special Britain’s “special relationship” with the United States is.

He was afraid of being seen, like Tony Blair, as another American “poodle”, well aware that some aspects of the alliance have not played out in Britain’s best interest and also worried that the UK has to concentrate on forming strong ties beyond the U.S. to maintain international influence.

He needn’t have worried. President Barack Obama gave Cameron the kind of glowing review reserved only for the best pupils in class.

The start to this latest leg of the special relationship was “brilliant”, said Obama, praising the Conservative leader’s “steady leadership and pragmatic approach”.

from Global News Journal:

Does Washington care about the EU?

Try as it might, the European Union's efforts to act like a bigger player in world affairs keep running into obstacles.

The latest setback is a report that President Barack Obama won't be able to make it to the annual EU-U.S. summit this year, pencilled in for Madrid in May. A hectic domestic agenda and the fact the U.S. president made 10 foreign trips last year -- more than any other president in his first year in office -- means staying at home is the priority and the Europe Union will have to wait.