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May 17, 2014

Families evacuate Benghazi as renegade Libyan general vows more attacks

ABYAR/TRIPOLI, Libya, May 17 (Reuters) – The self-declared
Libyan National Army led by a renegade general told civilians on
Saturday to leave parts of Benghazi before it launched a fresh
attack on Islamist militants, a day after dozens were killed in
the worst clashes in the city for months.

Families could be seen packing up and driving away from
western districts of the port city where Islamist militants and
LNA forces led by retired General Khalifa Haftar fought for
hours on Friday.

May 8, 2014

Opposition to new Libyan PM may scupper oil port deal

TRIPOLI (Reuters) – A Libyan government deal to reopen major oil ports controlled by rebels looks likely to unravel as the appointment of a new Islamist-backed prime minister fuels distrust that is eroding support for the accord.

Ahmed Maiteeq, a hotel entrepreneur in his 40s little known abroad, took office on Sunday as Libya’s third premier in just two months after a chaotic parliamentary vote. His government pledged on Thursday to uphold the deal on the ports.

May 7, 2014

Libyan rebels reject talks with PM, keep oil ports shut

BENGHAZI/TRIPOLI, Libya, May 7 (Reuters) – Rebels occupying
major oil ports in eastern Libya said on Wednesday they would
boycott Prime Minister Ahmed Maiteeq and keep two major export
terminals shut for now, a blow to efforts to restore vital oil

The rebels even warned they would take action if Tripoli did
not fulfil its part of a recent agreement to reopen the oil
ports, a veiled threat to close the terminals again.

Apr 29, 2014

Power struggle blights Libya’s chaotic main airport

TRIPOLI, April 29 (Reuters) – With a bomb on the runway,
pets boarding planes and passengers jetting off without visas,
Tripoli International Airport typifies the chaos that has
gripped Libya since the 2011 ouster of Muammar Gaddafi.

Western powers and Libya’s neighbours worry the capital
city’s airport could be a gateway for illegal immigrants,
including militant Islamists, from Africa and conflict zones
such as Syria.

Apr 28, 2014

Libya prepares to start oil exports at 2nd eastern port

TRIPOLI/MARRAKESH, April 28 (Reuters) – Libya is lifting
force majeure from the eastern Zueitina oil port on Monday,
state-run National Oil Corp (NOC) said, paving the way to
restart exports at a second port after a deal with rebels to
unblock major terminals.

Marketing of the oil in Zueitina’s storage tanks will start
from Tuesday after Libya lifted the waiver of its oil contracts,
NOC spokesman Mohammed El Harari said.

Apr 27, 2014

Gaddafi’s son Saif, former officials face charges in Tripoli court

TRIPOLI, April 27 (Reuters) – The son of late Libyan leader
Muammar Gaddafi appeared via video-link on Sunday with 22 others
to hear charges in a Tripoli court ranging from war crimes to
corruption in a major test of whether the state can implement
the rule of law.

Saif al-Islam, the most high-profile of Gaddafi’s seven
sons, smiled and looked confident on the link-up from a jail in
the western town of Zintan where he has been held since he was
captured by former rebels.

Apr 23, 2014

Libya expects $8 bln deficit in 2014 after oil shutout

TRIPOLI, April 23 (Reuters) – Libya plans deep austerity
measures to tackle a budget deficit expected to reach up to 10
billion Libyan dinars ($8 billion) this year due to rebel
blockades which have strangled oil production, a senior lawmaker
told Reuters.

Mohammed Ali Abdallah, who heads parliament’s budget
committee, said this year’s deficit could be covered by budget
surpluses accumulated in past years, a central bank loan and the
possible issuance of government bonds.

Apr 8, 2014

Libya parliament wants new government, cabinet demands more power

TRIPOLI, April 8 (Reuters) – Libya’s parliament asked Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni on Tuesday to form a new government within a week after the cabinet demanded more powers to tackle the disorder crippling the OPEC country.

The weak central government, which must be reconfirmed by parliament every two weeks, has asked for a longer mandate to deal with Libya’s competing political parties, rival militias, regional demands and rebels disrupting the oil industry.

Apr 7, 2014

Lufthansa, Austrian halt Libya flights; airport road blocked

TRIPOLI (Reuters) – German airline Lufthansa and its subsidiary Austrian Airlines have halted flights to Libya indefinitely due to security concerns after a bomb at Tripoli airport two weeks ago, a Lufthansa spokesman said on Monday.

In March, a bomb exploded on the main runway at Tripoli, highlighting the deteriorating security situation in the North African country.

Apr 6, 2014

Libyan rebels, government agree to gradually reopen occupied oil ports

TRIPOLI/BENGHAZI, Libya (Reuters) – Libyan rebels occupying four eastern oil ports agreed with the government on Sunday to gradually end their eight-month petroleum blockade, which has cost the North African state billions in lost revenues.

Zueitina and Hariga ports, held by federalist rebels demanding more autonomy from Tripoli, will open immediately while the larger ports, Ras Lanuf and Es Sider, will be freed in two to four weeks after more talks, the government said.

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