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Mar 21, 2015

Air strike kills commander in force loyal to Tripoli government: official

TRIPOLI/CAIRO (Reuters) – An air strike by Libya’s internationally recognized government against the capital Tripoli on Saturday killed a senior commander in a force loyal to the rival government that controls the capital, a Tripoli official said.

The attack came a day after the official government said it had launched a military offensive to “liberate” Tripoli, which was seized by a group called Libya Dawn in August, reinstating a previous assembly.

Mar 17, 2015

Libya’s recognised government says oil sales must go through eastern firm

BENGHAZI/CAIRO, Libya, March 17 (Reuters) – Libya’s
internationally recognised government said on Tuesday that any
sales of the country’s oil should be arranged through a state
firm based in Benghazi under its leadership to prevent fraud.

If implemented, the decision would escalate a battle for
control that is raging, four years after the ousting of Muammar
Gaddafi, between the official government based in the east and a
rival administration in Tripoli.

Mar 11, 2015

Libya exports three oil tankers from western Mellitah port

LONDON/CAIRO, March 11 (Reuters) – Oil and condensate has
been exported at least three times from the Libyan port of
Mellitah since the start of this month, according to industry
sources and ship-tracking data, a surprise move with other
terminals in the west of the country largely shut.

The North African OPEC member is split between two rival
governments each allied to heavily armed groups that have been
fighting for control of the oil-producing nation since the fall
of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

Mar 10, 2015

Libya oilfield attack blow to U.N. peace talks

CAIRO (Reuters) – An attack by Islamist militants on a Libyan oilfield where they beheaded security guards and kidnapped foreign workers underlines the difficulties facing U.N.-sponsored peace talks due to resume this week.

Libyans have become accustomed to chaos, with their country split between two rival governments each allied to heavily armed groups that have been fighting for control of the oil-producing nation since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

Mar 9, 2015

Libyan general sworn as top commander as his planes hit Tripoli airport

TRIPOLI/CAIRO (Reuters) – Warplanes from Libya’s internationally recognized government on Monday attacked the last functioning airport in Tripoli, the capital controlled by a rival administration, officials said.

Extending a series of tit-for-tat strikes, the attack coincided with the swearing-in of Khalifa Haftar, one of the most divisive figures in post-revolutionary Libya, as army commander for the recognized government.

Feb 24, 2015

Libyan flights from Turkey, Jordan to make security stop in east

CAIRO/BAYDA, Libya, Feb 24 (Reuters) – Egypt is forcing
Libyan airliners flying between Turkey and Jordan and the
capital Tripoli to stop in eastern Libya to allow the country’s
internationally recognised government to screen out potential
Islamist fighters, officials said.

The move underscores Egypt’s engagement in Libya to bolster
the weak official government, holed up in the east since it lost
control of the capital, in its fight against Islamist militants
exploiting the chaos that followed the fall of Muammar Gaddafi
in 2011.

Feb 22, 2015

Embattled Libyan government loses grip as general expands power

BAYDA, Libya (Reuters) – In a hotel lit by a generator in the eastern Libyan town of Bayda, Economy Minister Munir Ali Asr outlines optimistic plans to attract investment to a country ravaged by war and political chaos.

Outside, Bayda lies in darkness after another power cut. Hundreds of residents wait outside petrol stations that have closed as a result of a debilitating power struggle between two rival governments that has wrecked basic services.

Feb 17, 2015

Fear and silence in Libya as divisions deepen

TRIPOLI, Feb 17 (Reuters) – On the surface life looks normal
in the Libyan capital. Cafes are bustling with customers sipping
cappuccino, while well-stocked shops sell anything from Italian
underwear to French cheese.

But as in the days of Muammar Gaddafi, many residents prefer
to avoid talking politics in Tripoli, where a self-declared
government has ruled since an armed faction called Libya Dawn
seized the capital by expelling its rivals in August.

Feb 16, 2015

Libya prime minister calls for international strikes on Islamists

BAYDA, Libya, Feb 16 (Reuters) – Libya’s internationally
recognised prime minister called for the West to launch air
strikes to defeat Islamist militants who control Tripoli and
have driven his government out of the capital.

Speaking hours before Egypt bombed Islamic State targets in
Libya in retaliation after militants said they had beheaded 21
Egyptian Christians, Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni made a
plea for Western military intervention in a country rapidly
slipping into chaos.

Feb 15, 2015

Libya official warns on spread of ISIS militant threat

BAYDA, Libya (Reuters) – Officials of Libya’s rival governments have been in touch over the growing threat of Islamic State militants, a top Libyan security official said, suggesting the fight against a common enemy might help to unite the country’s warring factions.

Two separate governments are vying for control of Libya, four years after a NATO-backed civil war ousted Muammar Gaddafi.

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