Unstructured Finance

The confession season

October 16, 2011

By Matthew Goldstein and Jennifer Ablan

The year is not yet over and already the confessions are starting to roll in from some of the biggest U.S. money managers.

M & A wrap: Sony going solo?

October 7, 2011

Sony is in talks to buy out Ericsson’s stake in their mobile phone joint venture, a source said, in a bid to catch up with rivals.

M & A wrap: Time to buy EMI?

October 6, 2011

Warner Music Group Chairman Edgar Bronfman Jr. has tried to buy rival record label EMI Group for the last six years. Now, his time may have come, reports Yinka Adegoke.

The law catches up to TL Gilliams

October 6, 2011

By Matthew Goldstein

Tyrone Gilliams Jr. wanted to live a larger than life story–with much of it playing out last year in videos he had produced and plastered all over the Internet. A year later, Gilliams true life drama has him fighting to maintain his freedom.

Absolutely Fabulous?

October 5, 2011

Among the side-effects of the financial crisis, the importance for European wealth managers and other intermediaries of both managing investors’ expectations and understanding fully what those expectations are, has been underlined.

M & A wrap: Yahoo on the block?

October 5, 2011

Yahoo’s long-time advisers Goldman Sachs and Allen & Co are preparing to give potential buyers financial information, in a sign the troubled Internet giant is ready to put itself on the block, sources said.

M & A wrap: D.Boerse/NYSE deal trouble

October 4, 2011

European Union regulators will formally object to the proposed merger of Deutsche Boerse and NYSE Euronext this week, two sources with knowledge of the case said, which may force the companies to offer concessions to ease competition concerns.

Wall Street protesters just want to be heard

October 4, 2011

Early morning at Occupy Wall Street

Updated Oct. 5

By Matthew Goldstein and Jennifer Ablan

There’s been a lot of talk that other than rallying against bankers and corporate greed, the message coming from Occupy Wall Street isn’t a clear one. And many of the college students, artists, unemployed, transients who’ve set-up camp in a concrete plaza in  lower Manhattan wouldn’t disagree with that assessment.

Debts no honest man could pay

October 4, 2011

By Matthew Goldstein

For months now we’ve been hearing a lot about the $14 trillion in debt owed by the U.S. government. But there’s been far too little talk about the almost equally high debt tab owed by U.S. consumers.

M & A wrap: Alibaba interested in Yahoo

October 3, 2011

Jack Ma, CEO of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, is keen on buying Yahoo if the opportunity presents itself and has held discussions with other potential buyers about options. The potential deal is raising privacy concerns, reports the Financial Times. The WSJ also looks at what role Beijing would play in a merger.