Taxes not just certain, they’re right thing to do-survey

January 31, 2012

Internal Revenue Service office near Times Square in New York.

Most Americans believe strongly that it’s a civic duty to pay their “fair share” in taxes, that cheating on taxes is wrong and that cheaters should be held accountable, said a survey from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service’s Oversight Board released on Monday.

Created by Congress in 1998 to keep an eye on the IRS, the oversight board does its survey annually. This year’s is consistent with past results showing strong support for the tax obligations of citizenship and low tolerance for those who shirk it.

Despite chatter on the political fringes about taxes being a form of theft, 96 percent of those surveyed said they completely or mostly agreed that  “it is every American’s civic duty to pay their fair share of taxes.”

Only 8 percent gave the answer “as much as possible” to the question, “How much, if any, do you think is an acceptable amount to cheat on your income taxes?” That’s a contrast to attitudes in places like Italy and Greece where tax dodging is endemic.

 More than 60 percent said the IRS should get more funding to do a better job at enforcement.


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Where does charles Rangle fit in and Maxine Waters?

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Actually folks, the American public has been well propagandized for decades to believe they have an obligation when, in fact, they do not. It is all a scam. The money you pay in IRS taxes goes directly to the IMF and the financial elites who control it. Further, the IRS is a private corporation, not an agency of the government and has no more legitimacy than the Federal Reserve (also privately owned). Americans have been ripped off by a ruse perpetrated by the ‘Crown’ (City of London Banking elite) and its representatives (US Federal Corporation) on this continent. If the well-indoctrinated proles – aka most Americans (except for the vast number of Americans who do not file) – knew the truth about the IRS and the amazing degree to which that organization lies about nearly everything they can lie about… I would not wish to be one of the holders of that corporation.

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