tiger1Some people’s pain is others’ gain and the scandal surrounding pro golfer Tiger Woods is no exception to the rule with a company now offering a condom centered around the scandal-plagued golfer.
While consulting firm Accenture ended its endorsement deal with Woods, late-night talk show hosts have turned the world’s most recognizable athlete into a punchline with his admission of marital infidelity.

In addition, a lawyer has offered tips on negotiating a post nuptial deal in light of talk of Tiger’s wife divorcing him, a strip club has offered Woods $1 million for an endorsement and now a company has come out with safe-sex message that pokes fun at the golfer.
Practice Safe Policy has introduced the “Special Edition Tiger Condom” with assurances it is “approved for swingers.”
“We wanted to offer people something different for the holidays,” Practice Safe Policy founder Benjamin Sherman said in a statement.

No guarantees, however. The disclaimer for the product, available for $3.95, reads: “Tiger condoms will not protect you from car accidents or Swedish super models. Any impression that Tiger Woods has endorsed or used this product with any of his transgressions is purely your own.” 
This won’t be the first time the New York-based group has offered condoms that make fun of well-known figures. The latest version follows ones styled around President Barack Obama, Sen. John McCain and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.
(Reuters photo)