Here is Sam Forgione’s suggested weekend reads. And a reminder to our UF readers in the US that daylight savings time begins on Sunday, so set those clocks forward 1 hour.


From The New Yorker:

Nick Paumgarten traversed the restless egos of Davos for a candid look at the event. The story captures the ambivalence many feel toward the well-hyped forum.

From The Atlantic:

Megan McCardle asks how and why companies get complacent, even when they know they’re sinking, using GM and Blockbuster as examples.

From The Economist:

The weekly magazine considers whether Indian firms, which have orchestrated $129 billion in takeovers in the past decade, will be able to restructure their companies in a way that generates value.

From Forbes:

The world’s richest man, Carlos Slim Helu, shares his thoughts on how to improve the economy in this Forbes profile.