Unstructured Finance

Breaking bad, the Bitcoin addition

October 2, 2013

It wasn’t too long ago that Ross William Ulbricht was writing his master’s thesis for a degree in chemical engineering. Now the 29-year-old San Franciscan is looking at spending many years in jail after being arrested by federal authorities on a variety of drug trafficking charges.

DealZone Daily

February 18, 2010

U.S. drugstore operator Walgreen is to buy rival Duane Reed for $618 million from private equity firm Oak Hill Capital Partners, giving the company the market lead in New York. The acquisition brings the company 257 new stores in the city and has prompted analysts to think that struggling chain Rite Aid might make an attractive target for Walgreen rival CVS Caremark as it looks to catch up.

Warner Chilcott to buy P&G’s pharma biz

August 24, 2009

Warner Chilcott Plc agreed to buy the pharmaceutical business of Procter & Gamble Co for $3.1 billion, winning an auction that drew few bidders.

Is Genentech taking over Roche?

June 30, 2009

Roche’s megabucks Genentech buy is looking more like a reverse takeover — in some ways, at least.

Out of work, but plenty of Viagra

May 14, 2009

Pfizer has launched a new program to provide free drugs, ranging from cholesterol fighting Lipitor to its infamous little blue pills, to Americans who have lost their jobs in 2009.

Cool clothing for the cartel

April 6, 2009

MEXICO-DRUGS/Put this in the “No press is bad press” file: We all know the trendy Abercrombie & Fitch clothing brand is a favorite of teenage Americans and European and Japanese tourists.  Apparently it’s a favorite of alleged drug lords, too.

Credit crisis advantage?

January 30, 2009

RocheThe credit crisis may just be the leverage Roche needs in its bid for Genentech.

The Swiss drug maker went hostile with its bid to buy the 44 percent of Genentech it doesn’t already own. But in a rather unusual move, it has gone to shareholders with an offer that is actually lower than the $44 billion bid it initially made for the U.S. biotech group.

A trigger for more drug deals?

January 26, 2009

Jeff KindlerPfizer has taken the plunge, and others may follow.

The world’s largest drug maker is buying rival Wyeth for $68 billion in cash and stock to become even larger.  

Pfizer: Dealing with Lipitor side-effects

January 23, 2009

Pfizer’s at it again. The world’s largest drugmaker by revenue has set its sights on rival Wyeth and the two are talking about a deal that could be valued at more than $60 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal.