Unstructured Finance

Got those zombie company covenant lite blues

June 4, 2010

Zombies 2One of the big drivers of the debt balloon that imploded so spectacularly was the trend for covenant “lite”, which has allowed zombie companies to stumble on long past the point at which it would have been useful for creditors to intervene. This has sharpened the appetite for stronger corporate governance around covenants and persuaded investors that they need to take more of an active interest in what companies are actually doing with their money.

Threadneedle readies “Triple A” launch

May 10, 2010

LibertyHedge fund firms are finding themselves back in demand with mainstream asset managers despite a mixed record during the downturn. Threadneedle recently reiterated its interest in acquiring a hedge fund firm whilst adding to its absolute return range with a US equity long/short fund. The rise in interest has also been apparent in F&C’s purchase of Thames River at the end of April and Aberdeen’s recent buy of RBS’s non-core assets which gave the fund manager access to alternative products.

Embracing the activist

July 24, 2009

Activist investors have traditionally been kept at arm’s length by the mainstream fund houses. Fund managers at the major players haven’t felt able to align themselves with those agitating for change for fear their cosy chats with company chairmen might be compromised.