Unstructured Finance

How Babel became Symphony

October 1, 2014
The communications platform announced this week went through several different names before Symphony.

The idea for a communications platform went through several names before Symphony.

Goldman fund haggles with REIT investors over 10-cent printing fee

June 13, 2013

A Goldman fund’s REIT charges investors 10 cents per page for financial statements.

NJ Governor Chris Christie spotted outside Goldman Sachs

May 15, 2013

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie shakes hands with Lloyd Blankfein lookalike outside Goldman Sachs on Wednesday

Wall Street’s trading businesses turn to survival of the least dead

May 4, 2013

Darwin theorized that peacocks’ colorful plumage was a sign of        their evolutionary strength.

Goldman, AIG and the government renew their friendship

April 15, 2013

Scanning Goldman Sachs’s newly published interactive annual report on Monday, Unstructured Finance had to do a double-take upon seeing American International Group highlighted as a client success story.

Once-obese Goldman analyst becomes fitness evangelical, gym CEO

March 21, 2013

Wall Street is shrinking, but so are some of its bankers.

Eight years ago, Goldman Sachs Group’s Kishan Shah weighed 400 pounds and couldn’t find a suit that fit his 62” waist for a job interview. Now he’s 195 pounds, and he’s quitting Goldman to spread the gospel of healthy weight loss as chief executive of a chain of gyms for obese Americans.

The dollars keep rolling in for foreclosed home funds

February 20, 2013

By Matthew Goldstein

Today, The Wall Street Journal reports that foreign investors have caught the gold rush mentality that surrounds the market for foreclosed homes in the U.S. But domestic-based firms are still doing quite well themselves in raising big dollars to buy-up foreclosed homes with an eye to renting them out before eventually selling them.

Is Blankfein’s beard really just a beard?

February 12, 2013

Goldman Sachs Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein has been sporting a beard lately, which has some people asking: is he on his way out?

Goldman: 1, Volcker: 0

January 8, 2013

By Lauren Tara LaCapra

There’s an interesting article out today from Bloomberg, which accuses Goldman Sachs of skirting the yet-to-be-defined-or-implemented Volcker rule, and accuses its top executives, including CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, of being a hypocrite.

Greg Smith says Goldman’s response confirms his criticisms: Q&A

October 22, 2012

Greg Smith, the ex-Goldman Sachs salesman who stunned the investment bank with a scathing public resignation in March, is now on the defense.